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Major Vehicle Exchange – Specialty Dealer for Reconditioned Used Shuttle Buses for Sale and Handicap Minibuses and Wheelchair Vans For Sale – Established in 1985

Major Vehicle Exchange is one of the largest and most experienced licensed dealerships specializing in reconditioned, serviced, and road-tested used shuttle buses for sale. Our buses are also referred to as minibuses, commercial buses, and short buses. Reconditioned and refurbished shuttle buses have a wide range of uses including church activity, medical transport, senior adult center transportation, and are also used extensively as paratransit wheelchair and mobility buses, and by tour and coach operators.

Additionally, shuttle buses are often converted for mobile businesses, recreational vehicles, mobile showrooms, mobile offices, tiny homes, family travel vehicles, and employee and commuter transports. Pre-owned shuttle buses are popular with schools, teams, resorts, and assisted living facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Our buses are often used as family recreational vehicles, mobile medical laboratories, medical treatment, and recruiting vehicles. These vehicles are also commonly used as limo-buses, dog rescue and grooming buses, and mobile retail stores. We offer independent inspection and delivery services for our out-of-town customers to ensure total buyer satisfaction.

Our large inventory of used buses for sale are fairly priced and include the finest available transport vehicles including shuttle buses, church buses, tour buses, charter buses, multi-function activity buses, wheelchair vans, limo buses, minibuses and Non-Emergency Medical Transport  Medical Transport  vehicles (NEMT). Our reconditioned buses and vans are equipped with either gas or diesel engines.

We are always looking for good used buses to present to our customers. Many of our used buses for sale are sold to other dealers and brokers. We own and have available all the vehicles presented here on our website. Our buses and vans are available for immediate delivery for all businesses, consumers, and agencies both public and private. Call now to discuss your needs for our available inventory. We are available 24/7 and stand ready to provide support to your group, business, or community.

Selling your bus? We are happy to discuss the purchase of pre-owned buses if your group, company or agency is considering a change or bus disposal. At Major Vehicle Exchange fair prices are offered for late model used buses with low mileage. We are especially interested in vehicles that have under 100,000 miles and are less than 10 years old. If your bus fits our buying criteria please call Charlie with details at (516)333-7483.

As an established licensed dealer founded in 1985 we have developed a team of experts in the used bus industry who locate, recondition, and present for sale minibuses, shuttle buses and wheelchair vans throughout the USA and Canada. Each vehicle is road tested, serviced, repaired, and detailed before presentation for mechanical, electrical, and appearance defects. Repairs are undertaken by certified technicians, experienced paint shops, and upholstery specialists. So, if you are searching for a used shuttle bus or wheelchair van for sale you have come to the right place!

We offer service contracts, extended warranties, and advice for financing and leasing to prospective applicants through third party funders. Our friendly staff, flexible delivery options and terms are available to every prospective customer. We offer complimentary airport pickup during business hours and delivery services for all our shuttle buses and wheelchair vans throughout the United States and facilitate deliveries Canada and to USA shipping ports to our offshore customers.


Mission Statement:

To be the finest used shuttle bus, used church bus, and used wheelchair bus and van dealer in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean as measured by our customers including church, school, medical transport, and transportation bus operators. We commit ourselves to superior service, innovation, and integrity in every undertaking.