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Finding Your Dream Used Bus: A Guide to The Most Reliable Used Bus Dealers

Finding Your Dream Used Bus: A Guide to The Most Reliable Used Bus Dealers

So, you’ve decided to join the world of bus ownership or replace your worn or older one! Whether you’re adding to your fleet of service buses, providing services for your church or not-for-profit organization, planning a mobile business venture, or a cross-country adventure, a used bus can be a rewarding and affordable option. But with so many dealers out there, how do you find the one that stands out? Here are some key steps to ensure you’re getting a quality bus from a reputable source:

Steering Clear of Sponsored Ads:

Start your search with a simple Google query for “Used Shuttle Bus Dealers, Used Church Bus Dealers or Reconditioned Bus Dealers.” Be sure to bypass the sponsored ads at the top of the results page. These might not always lead you to the most relevant dealerships.

Going the Distance for Selection:

Remember, used buses can often be delivered with relative ease across the country, so don’t confine yourself just to local dealerships. Look for sellers with a broad selection on their website. Try to locate dealers near major airport hubs to make inspection or pickup as painless as possible.

Demanding Details:

A good dealer should provide thorough descriptions for each bus, including the year, make, model, mileage, and a complete breakdown of all features. A picture is worth a thousand words, so expect numerous high-quality photos showcasing each vehicle. (Read More……….)

Pre-Owned and Used Shuttle buses, Be Smart on Value: Why Reconditioned Shuttles Rule the Road

Pre-Owned and Used Shuttle buses, Be Smart on Value: Why Reconditioned Shuttles Rule the Road

The open road beckons, and you’re in the market for a shuttle bus. Maybe it’s for a new employee transportation service, a church outreach program, or a quirky sightseeing tour. The excitement is real, but then budgeting concerns take hold – new shuttle buses can be a financial doozy! Here’s where a secret weapon emerges: reconditioned shuttles, often called used church buses or non-CDL minibuses. These pre-owned gems can be the perfect fit for your needs, offering significant advantages:

Cost-Effective Champion: Let’s be honest, brand new buses come with a hefty price tag. Reconditioned models offer incredible savings, freeing up capital for other crucial aspects of your business. You can secure a reliable vehicle with plenty of life without breaking the bank.

Right-Sized Solution & Reconditioned Reliability: Why focus on shuttles that might seem glamorous, but for many uses, they’re simply overkill. Used, non-CDL small and medium-sized buses, especially those that have undergone a thorough reconditioning process, offer the perfect balance. They navigate tight city streets and parking lots with ease, comfortably seating your passengers. Reconditioning further enhances reliability, giving you peace of mind on the road.

Feature Focus & Proven Reputation: Used shuttles come in various configurations. Look for features that suit your specific needs. Need luggage space for handicapped transport? Check. Want comfortable seating for employee shuttles? You got it. Used doesn’t mean outdated –almost all reconditioned bus options boast features like air conditioning, entertainment systems, and wheelchair accessibility. The key is to find a dealer with a proven reputation for quality reconditioning. They’ll ensure the features you desire are not just present, but also in top working order. (Read More……….)

Navigating the Bus Landscape: Unraveling the Similarities and Meeting the Growing Demand

Navigating the Bus Landscape: Unraveling the Similarities and Meeting the Growing Demand


When it comes to group travel, buses play a pivotal role in connecting people, communities, and experiences. But have you ever wondered about the subtle differences between shuttle buses, minibuses, short buses, and commercial buses? Buckle up as we explore these vehicles, their uses, and the ever-expanding market for group travel solutions.

1. Shuttle Buses: The Point-to-Point Workhorses

* Definition: Shuttle buses are like friendly neighborhood connectors. They mainly whisk passengers from point A to point B within specific areas, such as churches, airport terminals, hotel campuses, or corporate complexes.


* Compact Size: Typically accommodating 8 to 30 passengers.

*Amenities: Usually lack onboard restrooms (because who needs a bathroom for a short hop?) .(Read More……….)

Hitting the Road in Style: A Guide to Buses and What They Are Called

Hitting the Road in Style: A Guide to Buses and What They Are Called

Ever get confused about the different types of buses? You’re not alone! From shuttles zipping around airports to giant tour buses, these helpful vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a ride and explore the world of buses, their uses, and why they’re more popular than ever. Whatever you may call the bus you need, the most common name to search for them is “
Shuttle Buses“.

The Point-to-Point Champs: Shuttle Buses

Think of shuttle buses as your friendly neighborhood connectors. They whisk you between specific points, like churches, airports, or even giant office parks. They’re compact, usually seating 8 to 30 people, and perfect for short trips. Think airport shuttles getting you between terminals or a hotel whisking you to a conference. No bathrooms on board? That’s because these rides are quick and efficient! The demand for these handy shuttles is growing as people look for easier ways to get around town.

The Swiss Army Knife of Buses: Minibuses

Next up, the minbuses. These versatile vehicles are like the Swiss Army knives of group travel. They’re not too big, not too small, and can seat up to 25 passengers. Need to transport a sports team or conference attendees? Minibuses are your ride. They’re also perfect for community shuttles or even sightseeing tours. Minibuses offer a good balance between affordability and flexibility, making them a steady favorite.(Read More……….)

Why a Used Shuttle Bus Might Be the Perfect Ride for You and your Passengers (According to a Licensed Dealer Like Major Vehicle Exchange)

Let’s face it, a new shuttle bus is a hefty investment – we’re talking upwards of $130,000! But before you break the bank, consider the amazing value you can find on a gently used bus right here on our lot. Here’s the breakdown:

* Save Big Bucks: This is the biggest advantage, hands down. You can find a fantastic used shuttle bus, in excellent condition with moderate mileage, for a fraction of the price of a new one. We’re talking savings of 50% to 70%, which translates to a $25,000 to $50,000 purchase price staying comfortably in your budget!

* Looks Don’t Matter (Much): Unlike flashy cars, shuttle bus designs change slower than molasses in January. So, a well-maintained used bus will look just as sharp and professional as a brand-new one. Your passengers won’t be impressed by the year or the odometer, they’ll be impressed by a clean, comfortable ride.

* Maintenance Costs After Warranty: New buses usually come with a 3/36 warranty, but after that expires, guess what? Maintenance costs become pretty similar for both new and used buses, assuming the used one is in good shape.

* Save on Insurance and Financing: Who knew a used bus could be so budget-friendly? Insurance premiums are significantly lower for used buses compared to their shiny new counterparts. Plus, financing a used bus is easier on your wallet – both the down payment and monthly payments will be more manageable.  (Read More……….)

Taking the Ride: Your Guide to Entering the NEMT Business

Taking the Ride: Your Guide to Entering the NEMT Business

The Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) industry offers a fulfilling opportunity to provide a vital service to your community. Before you jump in, however, careful planning is essential for a smooth ride. This blog will guide you through the key elements you need to consider before embarking on your NEMT journey.

Planning Your Route: Business Plan & Market Research

Every successful trip starts with a map. In the NEMT business, your map is a well-defined business plan. This plan should outline your company’s goals, target audience, marketing strategy, and financial projections. Research your local market to identify potential clients like hospitals, assisted living facilities, and dialysis centers. 

Choosing Your Ride: The Right Vehicle

Finding the perfect vehicle is crucial. Companies like Major Vehicle Exchange ( specialize in remarketing reconditioned used shuttle buses with wheelchair lifts, offering a cost-effective solution. Look for features like comfortable seating, ample storage, and easy accessibility for those with mobility challenges. (Read More……….)

What Does Reconditioning Mean for a Shuttle Bus?

Looking to buy a used shuttle bus? You’ve come across the term “reconditioned” and are wondering what it means. Well, fret no more! This blog post will delve into the world of reconditioned shuttle buses and why buying one from a licensed dealer is the best way to go.

Buying from the Pros: Licensed Dealers and Reconditioning

When you buy a reconditioned shuttle bus from a licensed dealer, you’re getting a bus that has gone through a rigorous process to ensure it’s safe, reliable, and ready to hit the road. Here’s a breakdown of what typically happens:

1. The Source: The dealer starts by acquiring the bus from reputable sources like auctions, private sellers, or fleet sellers. These sellers either provide a comprehensive report detailing the bus’s condition or allow for a thorough inspection. (Read More……….)

Faith with Fewer Risks and Lower Costs: How Shuttle Buses Can Safeguard Your Flock

Every Sunday, a familiar scene unfolds: church parking lots overflowing, cars crisscrossing in search of a space, and parents anxiously wrangling kids for Sunday school. While a heartwarming testament to the community, this bustling chaos carries the hidden risk of traffic accidents and pedestrian mishaps. But what if there was a safer, more organized way to transport your congregation, especially vulnerable children? Enter the humble shuttle bus – a surprisingly powerful tool for enhancing physical and spiritual well-being.

Compared to carpooling in individual vehicles, shuttle buses offer a safety advantage on multiple fronts:

Reduced Crashes: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, buses are statistically 11 times safer than passenger cars. This is due to several factors, including larger size, stricter safety regulations, and professional drivers trained in defensive driving techniques. Fewer vehicles on the road also translate to smoother traffic flow, further minimizing collision risks.(Read More……….)

Minibus For Sale | Why buying a used minibus is more affordable than renting or chartering buses as needed?

Shuttle buses and wheelchair vans are essential vehicles for providing accessible and convenient transportation to a wide range of individuals and groups Their versatility makes them ideal for a variety of uses, including:
Mobile showrooms and offices: Shuttle buses can be converted into mobile showrooms or offices, providing a unique and engaging way to reach potential customers or clients. These vehicles can be equipped with displays, workstations, and other amenities to create a professional and inviting environment.
Mobile recruiting centers: Shuttle buses can be used as mobile recruiting centers, allowing businesses to reach out to potential employees in various locations. These vehicles can be equipped with interview rooms, computers, and other tools to facilitate the recruiting process.
(Read More……….)

Purchasing a Handicap Lift Equipped Shuttle Bus or Van: Tips and Advantages

Handicap lift-equipped shuttle buses and vans are essential for transporting individuals with disabilities and mobility impairments as well as the general population. These vehicles provide a safe and accessible way for people with disabilities to participate in community activities, attend medical appointments, and recreational activities as well as travel to work or school.

If you are considering purchasing a handicapped lift-equipped shuttle bus or van, there are a few things you should keep in mind.
The first step is to decide whether to purchase a new or used vehicle. New vehicles are typically more expensive, but they come with a warranty and the latest safety features. Used vehicles may be more affordable, but they may also require more maintenance and repairs.

If you decide to purchase a used vehicle, it is important to work with an experienced licensed dealer. A reputable dealer can help you find a good quality used vehicle that has been inspected and serviced by a qualified mechanic. (Read More…)

Used Buses For Sale | The many uses of a fully reconditioned used bus for group transportation and recreational activities.

Shuttle buses are often referred to as minibuses or commercial buses and are usually built on a cutaway van chassis. There are various shuttle bus types and models available for sale but what you choose depends on how you need to use it for your business or group. For example, a charter bus is used for large group destination travel whereas a minibus is more often used for local trips around the neighborhood or longer trips for smaller groups. You will see shuttle buses traveling everywhere from churches, hotels, casinos, daycare centers, airports, colleges, and even sports teams. Their primary advantage is to make group transportation hassle-free, reduce walking time, and make sure every member reaches his/her destination in comfort and safety. The average reliable lifespan of a shuttle bus is 12-15 years and up to 300,000 miles (depending on location and service availability) and they cost $50,000 and up if purchased new. However, good pre-owned counterparts are often already used from 50,000 to 150,000 miles and can cost anywhere between $10,000 to $35,000 depending on the vehicle’s age, mileage, condition, and features. These used buses for sale still have plenty of life and offer a lot of interesting opportunities for small businesses and organizations to fulfill their transportation needs. There are several brands particularly Ford and Chevrolet that manufacture these minibusses buses for sale (Read More…)

Minibus For Sale | Why buying a used minibus is more affordable than renting or chartering buses as needed?

A minibus (also referred to as a shuttle bus) for sale is one of the most popular buses that can be purchased on the market today. It can seat up to 15 passengers including the driver as a Non-CDL vehicle and can be configured for up to 28 passengers. A minibus can easily operate within a radius of 2 – 2000 miles. Their dimensions usually fall in the range of less than 25 feet in length, 8.0 feet in width, and 9.5 feet in height. Due to their small size, they require only a modest amount of parking space and can be easily maneuvered through both busy city streets and narrow lanes. They open up business opportunities to startup entrepreneurs that larger buses can’t due to their wide turning radius. These minibuses are often used to transport the handicapped or simply to reduce walking time, for example from large parking lots to the town business center. First-time bus buyers often start their business with these small buses because it will give them the knowledge and first-hand experience of (Read More…)

Shuttle Bus For Sale | Uses and Benefits of Shuttle Buses over Cars and 15 Passenger Vans

A shuttle bus for sale is a vehicle that typically is used to transport people between two fixed points for short and medium distance trips usually spanning less than a full day. These buses are relatively small in size yet able to accommodate groups of people and they are used for picking up and dropping off passengers either from place to place or to destinations or terminals for other modes of transportation. Due to their less turning radius, they can easily maneuver through busy traffic, narrow streets, and locations not accessible by other larger vehicles. There are two general types of shuttle buses namely mini (under 15 seats) and medium-sized (over 15 seats and requiring a CDL license). The minibus is usually defined as seating up to 15 passengers and does not require a commercial license in most instances, whereas the medium-sized shuttle is capable of accommodating 16 to 29 passengers or more and requires a commercial driver’s license with a passenger endorsement. Both can be either equipped with diesel or gas engines, but most buyers prefer gasoline since they are easier to maintain, emit fewer pollutants, and are the dominant engine type in North America. Shuttles are commonly used for (Read More…..)

Small Bus For Sale | How to inspect and treat rust problems on older buses?

Buses are subject to “rust” which is the oxidation of metal when it comes in contact with moisture, air and salt. It’s an oxidation process that every vehicle is susceptible to over time. It’s important to stop rust in its initial stages in order to prevent it from spreading all over the vehicle as it severely weakens the metal and can cause accidents leading to potential injuries of passengers as well as others on the road. When buying a bus, the buyer should thoroughly inspect it before making a final decision. The bus buying process can be tedious and time consuming and every buyer including experienced operators may go through a frustrating search process to get the best vehicle for their budget at a fair price. There is no point in buying a low mileage bus if the previous owner did not perform regular undercarriage washing and roof seal checking and resealing on a regular schedule (Read More…….)

Short Bus For Sale | General Advice on buying a mini shuttle bus from private sellers or licensed dealerships

A short bus for sale is a shuttle bus small in size. They can be configured to seat up to 25 passengers plus a driver and if it is equipped with a wheelchair lift then it may have double flip seats to accommodate up to six wheelchair positions. The cost of a short bus with basic features starts at approximately $50,000 and can exceed $75,000 plus tax fully equipped with a wheelchair lift and other accessories. Many individuals, businesses, and organizations do not have the money or credit for a new bus plus its additional operating costs and expenses including driver’s wages and benefits, insurance, registration, parking, fuel, regular maintenance just to name a few. Due to these factors (Read More……..)

Bus For Sale | How to inspect, buy, and dispose of
a used bus for sale?

Bus for sale are expensive and their price depends on several factors, one of them is its seating capacity and total size. Obviously, the larger buses are more expensive than smaller buses and are likely to be more durable. This cost differential should be obvious because the more equipment and parts there are, the more expensive the vehicle will be. Buses have a multi-wall cage construction and this alone with the frame will be reinforced in the larger ones because they carry more passengers. The additional seats along with the weight of the individual passengers and their luggage will add several tons of weight which have to be protected and kept under control during transit. When purchasing a bus for sale check out its weight both in gross vehicle weight and net weight. A midibus will always be more expensive than a minibus for sale and even more durable. Buses with a higher passenger capacity are more profitable as well because success in the commercial transportation industry depends on the number of people being carried (Read More…….)

Mobile Bus Conversion | Guidelines for the use of Mobile Business Vehicles

As a direct result of the Pandemic many unemployed and underemployed Americans have left their jobs and businesses and are considering starting a new business or resurrecting their old one at a new place of business. Countless others are about to be evicted from their current business locations or could face bankruptcy in the near future. Operating a successful business involves the sale of a needed product or service that would be of value to an established or potential customer. If the product or service is not “valuable” then the business is unlikely to succeed and poor sales would lead to its collapse. Apart from “value” the product or service also has to be within a reasonable price range. If the price of goods and services is exorbitant compared to its competition and other online options then potential customers will shop elsewhere. If the margins are too low then the business wouldn’t be able to sustain(Read More…….)

15 passenger shuttle bus for sale | How to improve fuel performance and reduce cost?

15 passenger shuttle bus for sale is usually powered by a gasoline engine. Fuel expenditure forms a big chuck of a transportation company’s budget and reducing it will significantly increase the profits. As a result, fuel economy and performance is on the mind of every transportation company. One of the surest ways of saving fuel cost is to contract with local gas stations on the route and purchase fuel at wholesale prices rather than retail. Another is to use a fuel price application on their mobile phone to locate nearby fuel dealers with the lowest current prices. These actions can substantially reduce the cost of fuel per gallon providing real savings for the company. Another strategy one may think of is to purchase larger buses with diesel engines since most of the 15 passenger minibusses are equipped with gasoline engines. Diesel is cheaper than gasoline, but (Read More…….)

Store on Wheels For Sale | Why are Small Businesses opting for Mobile Storefront?

Store on wheels for sale are primarily intended to help retail businesses reach out to customers with a proactive approach. This is a new trend in retail marketing and the idea is to aggressively reach out to customers rather than passively wait for them to walk-in into a store. Buyers, consumers, customers, clients, end-users, etc call them with whatever names form the bedrock of all economic activities. These are people or a group of them with cash in hand and an urgent requirement that needs to be fulfilled. Any business that (Read More…….)

Sell Your Bus immediately to the most reliable used bus dealership in the United States

Major Vehicle Exchange is a used shuttle bus dealership that has been selling its fully reconditioned buses to retail customers, organizations and agencies across the United States for more than 35 years. We buy the best available used mini and mid sized shuttle buses from all over the USA, if you have a used bus to sell then we would be glad to purchase it. The demand for used shuttle buses has been steadily increasing year after year across the country and now is the best time to sell your bus (Read More……….)