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Delivery options for Used buses across the United States and Canada by Major Vehicle Exchange. We have multiple transport arrangements available.

Used shuttle bus dealerships are the best source for buying premium quality reconditioned shuttle buses at a fair price to be delivered to distant destinations as well as locally. Refurbished and reconditioned shuttle buses are a bargain for churches, not-for-profit operators, transportation operators, businessmen, and the general public. Since Major Vehicle Exchange may be located a significant distance from you, let’s discuss how to get your bus delivered to your location.

First of all, Major Vehicle Exchange is the foremost company to buy Used Shuttle Buses For Sale and as part of our complete sales and service dealership business. Upon request, we deliver our buses right to the customer’s location anywhere across the United States and can facilitate deliveries to Canada and other ports of call. Many groups and businesses use shuttle buses for transport to church, hospitals, daycare facilities, hotels, airports, charters, tours, after school activities, and team travel. They depend heavily on shuttle buses to quickly relocate their passengers to a common destination efficiently and quickly. Shuttle buses come in a multitude of styles, models, and sizes each with different features. For your information, shuttle buses are shipped according to the distance, dimensions and destinations and the buyer’s wishes. Their height, width, and weight determine whether drivers, flatbed service or trailers will be necessary for transport. When you purchase a bus you need skilled professionals to take charge and deliver the bus to your site safely and efficiently. Moving a used shuttle bus is a serious endeavor that requires experience for safe transportation. Whether you need to transport one shuttle bus or an entire fleet of buses we are prepared here to help. We offer an array of delivery services at reasonable prices on every vehicle we sell. We do whatever it takes to deliver your shuttle bus where you need it, safely and efficiently for those customers wishing to avoid the trip to our dealership.

Major Vehicle Exchange is ready to move your shuttle bus anywhere in our great country. We have delivered thousands of our used mini buses for sale to every corner of the continent for the past 3 decades and we get it right every time. Our team of experts will consign, load and prepare your investment securely for its journey from start to finish. Your shuttle bus will reach its destination safely. Protect your investment by trusting its safe transport to us, whether you need it delivered locally, nationally or to an international port.

Contact Major Vehicle Exchange today to find out how easy, simple and affordable it can be to get your used bus delivered to your location. Our staff will arrange to get your bus to you quickly and at minimal cost so you can avoid the trip and remain at work.

Be sure to read Canadian Import Rules if you intend to ship your vehicle to Canada.

E-mail us at for more specific information and details OR CALL 516-333-7483.