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There are many different types of buses that you have to choose from, one in particular being the shuttle bus (also referred to as a minibus) and its great variety of configurations. A shuttle bus transports passengers to and from these two locations. Like for example an airport bus or an airport shuttle bus. If you are considering to buy a shuttle bus, there are a few things that you should think about first in order to make the best possible purchase.

Buying a Shuttle Bus For Sale

A used bus can be an incredibly important and worthwhile investment if you know what to look for and select the bus carefully. Remember, bargains carry unknown risks! One of the first things you should consider is the different sellers of small buses that are available. You should determine which sellers are reputable and have the ability to deliver a quality product at a fair price. How long have they been in business? Are they licensed and bonded? A reputable seller will encourage an independent inspection, a typical dealer will tell you that another buyer is waiting to purchase the vehicle tomorrow which should never be believed. The most valuable shuttles for church buses, tour buses, handicapped buses, and tour and charter shuttles are ones that have been competently maintained (often under DOT rules for inspection) throughout their lives and have been thoroughly inspected and have been rigorously reconditioned by a licensed dealer. Some used buses for sale have higher mileage and could be gas or diesel powered. Diesel engines have been advertised to have longer average longer lives and better fuel economy than gas powered ones. The apparent advantages can be deceptive. Diesel buses are hard to service and as emission controls have become much more stringent, diesel power has taken a back seat to the easy to service afforded by gas powered buses. Since many available buses may have been in commercial or municipal service or are often used for hire, they can fall under “DOT” maintenance and inspection rules. These buses can make for a great purchase despite higher mileage and are available at a fair price as they have had better maintenance from the date of first delivery. As a prudent buyer, you should make sure they are reconditioned and well inspected before completing your purchase.

There are also daily shuttle bus service jitney buses which would tend to run through metropolitan areas and typically are used by small transportation companies. These buses usually transport the public, taking passengers to key areas around town, and some will also even make runs from suburbia to downtown areas for a modest fare. Often these buses are the most poorly maintained and are never for sale at Major Vehicle Exchange.

Special Needs

Perhaps you are looking for a shuttle for sale to accommodate persons with special needs such as a medical transport bus, senior center bus, adult daycare bus, medical transport shuttle, senior center shuttle, adult day care shuttle, medical transport van, senior center van, adult daycare van, and more. Many shuttle buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts. These buses are widely used at assisted living facilities and independent living residences. Used ones from these sources often have low mileage but often require substantial reconditioning unless purchased from a qualified dealer.

Most handicapped individuals will appreciate the availability of a wheelchair lift and a properly trained driver or attendant to board and disembark from the bus. Buyers need to make sure that any wheelchair lift or ramp that is in use is well maintained in order to avoid accidents and malfunctions which could end up leaving someone stranded several feet off the ground and render the bus inoperable.

The type of seating that you get on your bus is also very important. Especially in the case of a luxury shuttle bus. The two basic choices are cloth seating in a variety of fabrics and vinyl seating. Cloth seating is more comfortable for both hot and cold weather, while smooth vinyl seating has a lower friction coefficient, which means that the passengers are more likely to slide off the seats if there is a sudden shift in bus momentum. Vinyl seating is preferable for senior citizens because it cleans up easier and does not retain odors to the same extent as cloth seating.

This information is important to take into consideration before buying a bus. Take your time and find an honest and experienced dealer and put a decent amount of effort into the process. Visitors at Major Vehicle Exchange will likely find some great vehicles. Buy a good reconditioned bus like a Ford E450 bus for sale that will last for years for your company or organization..