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Bus dealers licensed and bonded by state and federal regulations are likelier to do honest transactions than unlicensed sellers. Major Vehicle Exchange is a licensed automotive bus dealer incorporated in 1985. Our specialty is reconditioned used shuttle buses, coach, transit, and wheelchair-accessible buses and vans to churches, tour and shuttle operators, resorts, assisted living facilities, and adult senior care organizations and corporations throughout the United States and Canada. Our inventory includes shuttle buses, church buses, tour buses, used buses, wheelchair handicapped vans, ambulette vans, charter buses, and luxury vans. We are always looking for good used buses and vans. Please call for more information or fill in our trade-in form located on our Send A Message page. We are pleased to offer leasing and financing advice to qualified applicants. Friendly staff, fast delivery, and flexible arrangements benefit many customers. Our logistical and financial resources provide the most options available in the industry today. We are a fully licensed and bonded bus dealer under New York State regulations. Charles Kaufman, the President, is a CPA and holder of a graduate business degree from the New York University Stern School of Business.

The management team led by Charles Kaufman has a total experience of more than 45 years in the automotive industry and 35 years in the used shuttle bus industry. We have completed more than $20 million in combined transactions on used bus sales, financing and leasing. Our used bus dealership is committed to helping customers find the optimal bus to meet their needs and satisfies all their requirements. We always strive to make the bus buying process easier and less stressful.

With a magnificent inventory of more than 25 used passenger buses, wheelchair-equipped buses, and vans for sale, we typically have the bus that fits your reasonable budget, satisfies your needs, and will satisfy your passengers. All used buses must be maintained regularly to keep them in proper working condition. The bus can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the United States of America, and arrangements can be made for our Canadian customers. The used buses sold by our licensed and bonded dealership have been fully reconditioned from bumper to bumper. Every vehicle has all mechanical and safety equipment checked, serviced, repaired, and replaced. All our buses have an excellent appearance, are inspected, and are ready to hit the roads in the USA and Canada. The buses often have less than 100,000 miles and are usually less than 12 years of age. The reconditioning process increases the expected life of every bus, and they typically last for years if maintained well. 

Major Vehicle Exchange is one of the few bus dealerships in the United States that is knowledgeable and experienced enough to permit a thorough understanding of each customer’s needs. When we prepare our buses for delivery, we have our customers’ interests in mind and their specific requirements. Every bus emerges fairly represented for its new life. Many of our reconditioned buses can last for more than a decade. Their respective buyers, of course, are expected to maintain them on recommended service schedules and promptly address wear and tear issues as they arise. 

Unlike new buses for sale, which are expensive and often a financial burden to their owners, used buses present a great value for many prospective buyers. And there are many financial institutions that are ready to finance used buses at attractive interest rates. Our expertise as a used bus dealership fills the need for good quality, affordable used buses. We buy pre-screened buses that have been inspected before purchasing them. Upon acquisition, we inspect, clean, and repair every identifiable worn part to give our buses a fresh clean look and a quality ride. Our used buses always have an excellent appearance for their age and mileage, and their premium condition is top-notch in our industry. They are affordable for every reasonable budget and typically provide years of good service. Many of our customers resell their buses to us when their needs change.

Our dealership is comprised of experts and trained individuals who value every customer. No matter who they are and where they come from. Our team is committed to your success in every step of bus purchasing and ownership. With thousands of satisfied used bus and van buyers across the USA, we hope you will be our next customer. 

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