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Financing and leasing options for Buying any of our Used Shuttle Buses and Vans For Sale; Wheelchair Vans For Sale

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There are several financing options to consider when purchasing a used bus or wheelchair van for your business or organization. Our customers often buy used shuttle buses for sale by financing or leasing them. Major Vehicle Exchange has a robust portfolio of funders to make your financing experience anxiety and hassle-free. We can offer installment loans for buying a minibus. Many are more interested in leasing your commercial shuttle bus or wheelchair van. We are here to help you with the financing of your business vehicle needs.

In today’s economic climate, it is very important to have your financing considered before you buy any used bus or van for sale. You can opt for either a commercial loan or a consumer loan. We can introduce you to outside bus finance partners who can tailor a loan or lease for your used bus or van to best fit your needs.

Generally, there are 6 financing options available, each with its own advantages. Choosing the correct option involves knowing about some key factors like how you want to use the bus, how many years you want to use it, what happens at the time of replacing the bus, and your budget for monthly payments.

In this section, we offer you some of the most common financing types.


Many small businesses rely on traditional loans because they wish to own the bus at the end of the loan period and because long-term planning and accounting are easier. Some advantages of traditional loan finance include:

 – Sales tax is billed at the time of purchasing the bus

 – You become the owner of the vehicle and get to keep any depreciation benefits

 – Purchasing the bus is reflected in your financial statements

Traditional Loan Finance is good for senior centers, charter bus operators, schools, child care organizations, and many others.


A balloon loan finance is similar to a traditional loan but offers lower monthly payments since the purchase doesn’t fully amortize over the loan period. This leaves a final “balloon” payment, which can possibly be up to 20 or even 40 percent, due at the end of the loan period. The final payment is often refinanced at market rates.

Balloon Loan Finance is perfect for childcare organizations, schools, and many others.


Businesses that have and maintain a large fleet of buses rely on Fleet Lines of Credit. This offers easy and flexibility to buy buses easily and hassle-free.

 – It streamlines the funding process, this allows valuable time to keep buses running on schedules

 – The buying process is easy and very quick

 – Every purchase comes with lease or loan options

 – When you want to increase your fleet, you are almost already approved

Fleet Line of Credit is appropriate for businesses and organizations that maintain and run a large fleet of buses.


Lease purchases are a combination of fixed and lower monthly payments with the guarantee to buy the bus at the end of the loan term for a predetermined amount. Lease purchases are extremely popular with small businesses that prefer lower monthly payments yet want to own the bus at the expiration of the loan period.

 – You can keep the benefits of depreciation, which results in tax savings

 – Preserves your line of credit

 – Down payment not required

 – In some states, sales tax is billed on a monthly basis

Lease Purchases are good for charter companies, senior centers, and others.


TRAC is the abbreviation for Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause, which provides benefits similar to a true lease; however, it is designed specifically for vehicles on the road like buses. Special tax provisions allow for a predetermined valuation at the end of the lease. Trac leases are popular with large businesses, especially for-profit businesses and some others.

 – Your balance sheet does not reflect the purchase of equipment

 – Lower rates are available because the depreciation is kept by the lessor

 – The down payment is not always required but depends on credit and bank policy

 – You can purchase the bus at a predetermined residual at expiration

 – Sales tax is usually billed monthly in many states

Trac leases are popular with charter operators, adult daycare centers, senior centers, and many others


An FMV Lease also is known as Fair Market Value Lease and offers lower monthly payments and greater flexibility than other financing options. Many times you can “walk away” at the expiration of the lease period to buy another bus or purchase the leased bus at Fair Market Value.

 – Your balance sheet does not reflect buying of equipment

 – Depending upon the credit and payment, down payments are usually not required

 – Sales taxes are billed monthly in several states

 – When the lease expires you can walk away with your equipment with no obligations

 – Equipment can be purchased at the end of the lease term

FMV Leases are appropriate for businesses operating charter buses, senior facilities, and others


Municipality leases have tax exemption financing options that are designed to meet the specific requirements of local and state municipalities. This includes school districts and many organizations where the amount of interest paid is exempted from federal income taxes.

Because of the tax exemption, you will get low-interest rates once you qualify as a municipality

Municipality lease types are only available for government institutions.


We are an experienced company with over $20 million in completed vehicle financing and leasing transactions. In addition, our management team has a combined total of over 40 years of experience in the industry and is led by a CPA.

Our team of extraordinary professionals is dedicated to your success. We offer no obligation financing consultation to all our prospective customers. Even if your business or organization is new or your prior financial experience has not been outstanding, we have the ability to secure a beneficial financial package.

Financing and leasing can make acquiring your new vehicle a quick and convenient experience. Normally we can present you with several options for your new acquisition and will work with you to find a financial solution that best suits your needs. Rest assured we are committed to making your buying experience the best it can be.

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