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Finding the Right Bus at Major Vehicle Exchange: Transparency, Flexibility, and Peace of Mind

At Major Vehicle Exchange (MVE), we understand that purchasing a used shuttle bus or wheelchair van is a significant investment. You want a reliable vehicle, a transparent buying process, and flexible payment options. That’s why we, a licensed and bonded New York dealer at, are committed to providing you with an honest and hassle-free experience.

Flexible Payment Solutions to Fit Your Needs

We know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to finances. That’s why we offer a variety of payment methods to suit your budget:

* Cash: For those who prefer a straightforward transaction, we accept cash payments in person.

* Certified Checks: Ensure a secure payment with a certified check.

* Bank Transfers: Electronically transfer funds directly from your bank account.

* Third-Party Financing: We work with reputable financing partners to help you secure a loan for your purchase.

All transactions must be completed in US dollars to ensure a smooth buying process.

Securing Your Bus with a Deposit

To lock in your chosen vehicle and prevent it from being sold to another buyer, a 10% deposit is refundable for up to two weeks.. This deposit applies to the purchase price of the bus or van. For any custom work requested, additional deposit arrangements will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Clear Expectations for Remaining Balance and Fees

Following the initial deposit, the remaining balance should be settled within 7 days of finalizing the sale whenever possible. This ensures a swift and efficient transaction. Keep in mind that any applicable fees and taxes will also be due at this time.

Here’s a breakdown of some potential fees to consider:

Sales Tax: New York State residents will be responsible for sales tax on their purchase if they are not tax-exempt.

* Out-of-State Taxes and Fees: If you’re registering the vehicle outside of New York, you’ll be responsible for all relevant taxes, and title/registration fees required by your state, county, and city.

* In-Transit Tags: For out-of-state buyers, we can provide temporary tags for a minimal fee with proof of insurance, allowing you to drive the vehicle to your home state for registration.

* Title Transfer: New York regulations require a $175 title transfer fee, which will be added to your registration costs if any, and any temporary or in-transit tag fees.

Important Note: We require finalizing all financial transactions before the vehicle is picked up or delivered.

Peace of Mind with Buyer Inspections

At MVE, we strive for transparency. We take pride in accurately describing each vehicle’s condition. However, it’s important to remember that these are used buses and vans. As with any pre-owned vehicle, minor scratches and dings are to be expected based on age, mileage, and prior use. We understand that some mechanical components may wear out over time, and this applies to both new and used vehicles.

To ensure you feel confident about your purchase, we recommend that you or a certified mechanic perform a thorough buyer’s inspection before finalizing the sale. Any inspection costs will be your responsibility.

Warranties: Understanding Your Options

Unless explicitly mentioned in the vehicle description, all buses and vans sold at MVE are considered commercial vehicles and sold “as is”. This means there are no additional warranties provided by us, the used bus seller. It’s important to rely solely on the written description and not on any verbal representations or guarantees.

The good news is that the manufacturer’s original warranty might still be applicable depending on the vehicle’s age and mileage. If you’re interested in extended warranty options, feel free to contact our team for more details.

The MVE Advantage: Your Trusted Bus and Van Partner

At Major Vehicle Exchange, we’re committed to providing a straightforward and transparent buying experience. Our flexible payment options, clear communication regarding fees and taxes, and encouragement of buyer inspections demonstrate our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Whether you require a reliable bus for your business or a wheelchair van for personal use, our team is here to guide you through the process and ensure you find the perfect vehicle to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss your used bus or van purchase!

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