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Used Bus & Wheelchair Vans for Sale Inventory

Used Bus and Vans Sale inventory of wheelchair buses, passenger buses as well as wheelchair vans for sale. Buyers should consider all their requirements and specifications in detail before they start looking for a bus or a wheelchair van. Every user has unique needs and their buses or vans need to be equipped accordingly. For example, if your passengers consist of tourists then you do not necessarily need a wheelchair lift although it may be occasionally useful. If your group includes several seniors or disabled people then it would be wise to consider a wheelchair bus. If however, your passengers are normal able-bodied people such as company employees or workers then condition, availability, and price are the most valuable guiding tools. Similarly, there are a host of other features that need to be considered when buying any bus.


Here are a few common considerations about owning a bus in the initial planning stage:

  1. Where can the bus be parked when not in use?
  2. How many passengers do you need to transport?
  3. Do you need a wheelchair lift in your bus? How many handicapped positions are needed?
  4. Do you prefer a gas engine bus or a diesel engine bus? Are there local rules?
  5. How often will you use the bus? Daily? Weekly? Bi-weekly?
  6. What type of seating is best for your passengers, vinyl or cloth?
  7. What are the air conditioning and heating needs for the bus?
  8. Should you buy a new or a preowned bus?
  9. Will you need a commercial driver’s license to operate the bus including special endorsements for air brakes or heavyweight vehicles?
  10. How long do you plan to use the bus?
  11. Are repair shops and spare parts available for the vehicle of your choice?
  12. Can you obtain insurance for your intended use?

Before starting a serious bus search, make a comprehensive assessment of your needs. If you plan to use the bus for very high mileage applications and on a daily basis, then you may need to consider purchasing a new bus for sale. However, if you plan to use the bus for in-town trips, occasional outings, weekly services, for school, team or camp schedules or for special occasions, then you should consider preowned buses for sale first. The best way to decide whether a new or used motorcoach is best for you, calculate the number of miles the bus will have to travel from the starting point to the endpoint including the return trip. If the total number of miles is more than 40,000 a year then you should consider a new one if your finances permit. However, if the mileage is less than 30,000 miles annually then you should certainly consider a used vehicle first. Most churches use their buses on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and mileage driven is typically quite low while commercial transportation operators can reach 50,000 miles per year or more. If you represent a church or not-for-profit group then a preowned bus is usually the ideal vehicle to transport your group.

Many shuttle bus operators obtain a preowned bus or two as spares when their fleet breaks down, needs regular service, or are sidelined due to accidents. In any case, if you want to own a shuttle bus for any transportation need, then we strongly recommend adopting a scheduled maintenance policy and service the bus at least every six months even if the bus seems to be in good operating condition or has not been in regular operation. In addition, have drivers or supervisors prepare a daily written report and log book to report any malfunction, maintenance item, inoperative light or warning signal. Missing safety equipment should also be reported. Train your drivers to use the log or checklist and examine the vehicle as per your needs before and after every trip. This is a safe operating practice and will allow you to be aware of many conditions that may put your passengers or vehicles at risk.

Ever since the old school 15 seat church van was deemed unfit for the public by the US Department of Transportation in 2012, there has been an increasing demand for non-CDL passenger buses by both churches and the traveling public. Non-CDL vehicles are generally vehicles having a capacity of 15 persons or less. Since then the insurance companies made matters even more difficult for van operators by either refusing to cover them or by substantially increasing insurance premiums. This is one of the main reasons why many Churches and organizations have opted for passenger buses rather than vans aside from the added comfort of shuttle buses. The added safety of the buses with dual rear wheels is substantial, particularly when the vehicles are fully loaded.

The demand for new and preowned buses has been growing rapidly ever since the regulations changed. Even entry-level new vehicles for sale are expensive and many cannot afford the high prices which do not include extra-cost options such as upgraded seating, storage areas, electric passenger doors, backup cameras, phone chargers, and other accessories.

New buses depreciate rapidly in the first years of service. The depreciation can be as high as 40% in the first year or two of ownership irrespective of the bus is being used frequently or not. Additionally, the cost of sales taxes and insurance premiums are higher for new buses. Insurance costs are partially affected by the replacement cost of the vehicle so include that factor in your decision making process. On the other hand, used vehicles for sale are relatively affordable. You can often purchase 2 used buses for the price of one new one which may enhance your group’s transportation options. Used buses allow savings that will leave more money in your budget to cover other expenses. It’s easy to get faster and greater returns on investment (ROI) on used buses than new ones because purchasing used buses requires a substantially lower initial capital expenditure.

Used bus

Major Vehicle Exchange is a used shuttle bus, wheelchair bus and wheelchair van dealership that has been serving North American customers for more than three decades. Special support is given to dealers to assist them in obtaining vehicles for their customers and we are always available to complete a dealer-to-dealer sale. Our management team puts all the knowledge and experience gained through the years into every bus we sell to make sure our valued customers get the best bus that is closest to their needs. Every preowned vehicle is systematically evaluated and provided a thorough and rigorous reconditioning process which increases its reliability, longevity, and serviceability. Many of our satisfied customers have traded in their buses to us if their needs and populations changed. Examples would include the need for a wheelchair lift-equipped bus as well as both increasing or decreasing passenger needs. Used buses for sale are the perfect vehicles to transport both small and large groups of people comfortably and affordably.

Since used buses and vans for sale are more affordable compared to their newer counterparts a majority of our customers for used buses do not require third-party financing. For the rest, many preowned bus buyers qualify for financing and we have a list of third party funders and insurance companies who can help you get your vehicle financed and insured at competitive rates. Please discuss this option with us before contacting any of the funders mentioned on our used bus links page so that we can suggest which funder is most suitable for your needs.

Our goal is to make the purchasing and ownership experience less stressful and costly for every customer. We do the reconditioning, make the transportation arrangements as needed and recommend financing and insurance options provided by outside funders and insurance brokers. We believe our easy to navigate website has simplified the entire process for our prospective customers and allows us to share our extensive experience in the shuttle bus and wheelchair van industry of more than 3 decades with our customers.

Whether you want to buy a bus for shuttle, church, charter or tour use or even modify it for your unique needs, we are here to help. With more than 45 used buses and vans sale in stock, we often have the bus that will fit your budget and requirements. Complimentary airport pickup is available or we can deliver anywhere across the USA and assist with arrangements to Canada and foreign ports of call. With thousands of satisfied customers across North America, we hope you will be our next customer. Recommendations and endorsements are always appreciated.

This is one of the largest used buses and vans sale webssites in the United States. Our inventories of reconditioned used buses and vans, including shuttle bus, coach buses, minibuses, handicapped wheelchair lift, transit, ADA and mobility buses and wheelchair vans as well as tour and charter buses and coaches. Our listings for preowned tour bus sales, mini bus sales, limo bus sales, shuttle bus sales, adult and senior bus sales, used buses for sale and DOT approved buses are comprehensive, well photographed and complete. We sell all makes and models of used buses, wheelchair vans and motor coaches. Our market includes pre-owned buses, custom coaches, bus conversions, band buses, commuter buses, team buses, assisted living buses, executive buses, dog grooming buses, tailgating buses and school buses including: Ford E-350, E-450 and E-550 buses, GMC buses, Chevrolet G3500, C4500, C5500 buses, Freightliner coaches, International, Bluebird coaches, Krystal coaches, ElDorado buses, Diamond buses, Goshen buses, Starcraft buses, Startrans buses, Champion buses and offer many tips and buyers guides to help you find the right bus for sale. You can have your preowned bus delivered to your door anywhere in the United States and Canada and as a bus dealer we offer full financing and leasing advice on all of the vehicles we sell.