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Church Bus, Tour & Charter Buses Inventory For General Passenger Transportation

Church buses, passenger shuttle buses, and coaches for sale that do not have a wheelchair lift are available. These buses are practical for churches, tours, charter and limo services, worker transport conversion, etc. Your choice of a bus depends on your needs and not necessarily what we have in stock. Consider a wheelchair-accessible bus if you are transporting people with disabilities and seniors. However, a wheelchair lift may not be necessary when this is not the case. Our buses range in size from mini-buses that can seat up to 15 passengers to large shuttle buses and mid-sized coaches that can accommodate up to 36 passengers. If you buy a minibus (also called a shuttle bus, commercial bus, or short bus), you do not usually require a commercial driver’s license if its seating capacity is less than 16. Most of these buses can be driven with a regular passenger driver’s license unless used for commercial transport (inquire further with your local motor vehicle authorities). All our used passenger shuttle buses for sale are fully reconditioned from bumper to bumper, have a satisfying appearance, and are certified ready to hit the road. These buses have been professionally serviced, cleaned, and repaired as needed inside and out. Some buses have overhead or freestanding luggage racks, and others have luggage compartments at the rear end of the passenger’s cabin. Our buses have excellent, fully functional climate control systems with high capacity front and rear air conditioning and a rear heating unit for the colder months. These buses look great and drive well. Your passengers will be assured of a smooth and safe ride with our used passenger buses for sale.


Major Vehicle Exchange has been in the business of reconditioning and selling buses for several decades and is familiar with the requirements of almost every customer in virtually every transportation application. We always have our customers in mind when we recondition our used buses. We always strive to help our customers achieve success with their purchase of a used bus. We do this by listening carefully to their unique needs and then offering them the best transportation solution our used buses can offer. Our premium quality used shuttle buses, church buses, tour buses, and modified buses are available for sale at reasonable and fair prices. We have relationships with many third-party financial institutions that can help you get a used commercial bus financed at affordable rates. Once financed we can then deliver the bus straight to your door anywhere across the USA. Special consideration is given to Canadian, Caribbean and overseas customers’ delivery requirements.

Before buying any bus you should carefully read our Bus Buyers Guides. They will help you make an informed decision when buying any used bus. Occasionally a used bus is not a good option for transportation businesses and operators that are planning for exceptional heavy use. In that event, a used bus makes an excellent spare vehicle when their new buses are in for service or repair. Remember that new buses depreciate quickly in the first years so used buses are the best option for churches and other not for profit operators. New bus depreciation can be an overwhelming expense to new transportation operators. Buy used and save big money! You can end up losing money when you buy new buses as your new transportation business ramps up and the vehicles are not used daily or are only partially loaded. Most used buses cost around half the price of new buses and have already depreciated. With used buses, you always get what you pay for. Used buses are an investment rather than a liability when used appropriately. 

We listen to our customers’ throughout the bus buying and owning process. We always buy good clear title used buses and thoroughly recondition them from bumper to bumper. The reconditioning process involves the inspection, repair, and replacement of many parts to make sure every bus is in excellent working conditioning. Our rigorous reconditioning process typically increases the life span of our used buses and many of them last for years if maintained properly on a regular maintenance schedule. We also help our customers get financed with third-party funders to help them pay for their purchase. Finally, after several years when the customer no longer needs the bus, we will consider your trade-in based on age condition and mileage. Due to our business practices, we proudly say that we ride with our customers.

Our mission is to ease the bus buying and owning process for every customer no matter where they are located or who they are. With this philosophy in mind, our dealership is always ready to help the customer at every step of the bus buying and ownership process. If you need more information then visit our website and call Charles Kaufman, President at 516-333-7483 today!

We have thousands of satisfied customers across the continent and hope you will be our next satisfied customer to endorse us to anyone looking to buy a used shuttle bus for sale.

On our website, you can find the most extensive inventory of reconditioned and used buses for sale. We offer shuttle buses, coach buses, minibuses, handicapped wheelchair lift buses, ADA and mobility buses as well as tour and charter buses for sale. We are sure you have found our listings for tour bus sales, mini-bus sales, limo bus sales, shuttle bus sales, senior bus sales, used buses and commercial buses to be extensive. We sell all makes and models of used buses and motor coaches and specialize in pre-owned buses, custom coaches, bus conversions, band buses, commuter buses, team buses, assisted living buses, executive buses, dog grooming buses, tailgating buses, church buses, and RV adaptable buses including Ford E-350, E-450, and F-550 buses, GMC buses, Chevrolet buses, Freightliner coaches, International, Bluebird coaches, Krystal coaches, ElDorado buses, Diamond buses, Goshen buses, Starcraft buses, Startrans buses, Champion buses and offer many tips and buyers guides to help you find the right bus for sale. You can have your used bus delivered to your door anywhere in the United States and Canada, and as a bus dealer, we offer financing and leasing services for most of the vehicles we sell.