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Wheelchair bus and vans are required when you are transporting people with disabilities. You will need a bus with a wheelchair lift to carry them into the passengers’ cabin. These electronic lifts are called wheelchair lifts and such buses are referred to as or handicapped accessible wheelchair buses. The lifts are powerful enough to lift one passenger at a time along with their wheelchair or scooter (in most cases) and get them inside the bus. Ambulatory passengers do not have to use the wheelchair lift. Even senior citizens who have difficulty climbing the steps and getting into the bus can simply stand on the lift and get inside at the press of a button (although it is not generally recommended). Buses equipped with wheelchair lifts are ideal vehicles to transport elderly and handicapped persons. Fortunately, the cost of a new wheelchair lift-equipped bus and the related accessories which is approximately $5,000 more than a bus without one does not typically apply to used buses. Therefore, when you are planning to buy a bus, consider the wheelchair lift choice depending upon the number of seniors and disabled that your organization or group has to transport. Most wheelchair buses can accommodate up to 2 – 5 wheelchair positions. Additional wheelchairs can sometimes be accommodated only by the removal of fixed seats in the passenger’s cabin. This reduces the number of total passengers that your bus can transport. Major Vehicle Exchange has many buses that have flexible double flip seats in the passenger’s cabin so that accommodations can be adjusted based on passenger needs. These flips seats can be easily folded and tucked by the sidewalls of the bus so that you can accommodate more wheelchairs when required. With this feature, the number of passengers and wheelchairs can be easily increased or decreased depending upon the situation. How cool is that? Almost all of our buses are also equipped with automatic wheelchair restraints so that the drivers and attendants can quickly place the wheelchairs safely in place. If you are buying a wheelchair bus for the first time, we advise that you read our Bus Buyers Guide carefully to make an informed buying decision.

Wheelchair buses are ideal vehicles for businesses and organizations that have to transport the elderly and disabled people. However, these vehicles are also practical for handicapped individuals and families with disabled members as well as used wheelchair vans for sale that can be purchased at a reasonable price. We can even get you financed from third-party financiers who offer credit and financing solutions for commercial borrowers if you do not have your own banking relationship or credit union. With respect to wheelchair vans, the wheelchair lifts are either installed at the side or at the rear end of the van. We always try to cater to our customer’s needs. Some of our pre-owned wheelchair vans for sale are equipped with flip seats so that the passenger seats and the number of wheelchairs can be adjusted easily when required.

Major Vehicle Exchange has been in business for more than 35 years and our management team of professionals has more than 45 years of experience in the used shuttle bus and wheelchair van industry. We are a licensed and bonded dealership that complies with all state regulations for automotive dealers. Our used bus and wheelchair van dealership is committed to the success of each and every customer. We employ our extensive knowledge and expertise in the shuttle bus and wheelchair van industry to give every customer a unique experience. And make the bus or van buying experience a seamless one. Buying a wheelchair bus or a wheelchair equipped van can be a daunting experience and we are committed to making the entire buying process easy and free of anxiety even for first-time buyers.

At Major Vehicle Exchange you can easily get your purchase delivered to your door anywhere across North America. Our dealership is open Monday to Friday during normal business hours and on weekends by appointments. We are always looking to buy used wheelchair buses and pre-owned wheelchair vans. If your vehicle has less than 100,000 miles and is less than 10 years of age then we might be interested. Send us a message or call the company’s president Charles Kaufman directly at 516-333-7483 today!

With several thousand shuttle buses, wheelchair buses, and van buyers in the past 35 years, Major Vehicle Exchange is dedicated to helping you or your organization become a proud owner of a great wheelchair bus or a wheelchair van. We get new business because of our reputation in the industry and by referrals provided by thousands of satisfied customers. We are a dealership based on superior service and customer satisfaction. We believe that a satisfied customer is the only way to succeed. We do this by listening to our customers and getting a deep insight and understanding of their requirements. Our team of used shuttle bus, wheelchair bus, and van experts then work tirelessly to fulfill every reasonable request of our valued customers. With commitment, dedication and hard work we hope you will be our next satisfied customer and refer us to potential buyers in the future.

In this website you can find the largest inventory of reconditioned and used buses for sale, including shuttle buses, coach buses, church buses, minibuses, handicapped wheelchair lift and van, ADA and mobility buses as well as tour and charter buses for sale. We are sure you have found our listings for tour bus sales, minibus sales, limo bus sales, shuttle bus sales, senior bus sales, used buses and DOT buses to be comprehensive. We sell all makes and models of used buses and motor coaches for sale specializing in pre-owned buses, custom coaches, bus conversions, band buses, commuter buses, team buses, assisted living buses, executive buses, dog grooming buses, tailgating buses, and commuter buses including: Ford E-350, E-450 and F-550 buses, GMC buses, Chevrolet buses, Freightliner coaches, International, Bluebird coaches, Krystal coaches, ElDorado buses, Diamond buses, Goshen buses, Starcraft buses, Startrans buses, Champion buses and offer many tips and buyers guides to help you find the right bus for sale. You can have your used bus delivered to your door anywhere in the United States and Canada, and as a bus dealer we offer full financing and leasing services on most of the vehicles we sell.