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Resources and Important Links For Buying Used Shuttle Buses

Shuttle buses are more expensive than most automobiles. New buses for sale can be from different manufacturers and constructed with different materials and build quality. They will cost from around $45,000 for a basic 15 passenger minibus to over $100,000 for a fully equipped luxury 25 seater. Many individuals, businesses and organizations do not have the funds or the resources to buy and maintain a new bus for sale. This has created a growing market for used buses for sale that are more affordable compared to new ones, but used buses can still be costly. The process of buying a used bus for sale is nothing like buying a used car. Good used buses are rare and difficult to locate. Prices for reconditioned pre-owned buses for sale can range from $10,000 to over $50,000. This is less expensive than a new bus but still more costly than the typical used automobile.

It would be best to buy a used bus with a single payment. Yet, if you need financing then we have a list of third party funders who are ready to finance your purchase if you do not have a relationship with a local bank or credit union. The approval process may be simple and easy or time-consuming and stressful if you have a new business or impaired credit. You should not apply to any funder until you consult with the professionals at Major Vehicle Exchange.

If your bus gets financed, you should always insure it for liability and physical damage. If you are not financing, you will still need liability insurance. Once financing or payment is in place we can pick you up at the airport or train station or get it delivered to your doorstep anywhere across the USA. It is often expensive to get the bus insured so check the rates and seek the advice of competent insurance professionals. The law requires all vehicles operating on American roads to be insured if they are to be registered. This is one of the most important operational decisions you will be making when buying a used bus. It’s important to have that extra safety, security and peace of mind knowing that your bus has the proper coverage in the event of the filing of any claim against both you and your organization. Proper insurance coverage will give you the confidence that the bus will get repaired or replaced and that potential liabilities are covered. The cost depends upon the vehicle’s location, age, value, use, and size. To help ease the process we have included a list of third party insurance companies who can get your pre-owned bus covered at competitive rates if you do not already have a broker that has the right carrier for your needs. They will provide you with the required documents and vital coverage information. This will ensure your state’s insurance requirements are fully complied with. Their respective agents should have the necessary experience to provide risk management solutions and insurance coverage for a single bus or a large fleet. It is important to build an honest and open relationship with your broker.

Most of the used buses we sell do not require a commercial driver’s license if under 15 seats. After getting your bus financed, insured and delivered, you can or one of your staff members can start operating it with a regular license in most places. Typically within six months of use, you will have to do your first routine maintenance service and checkup. It is advisable to find a knowledgeable repair shop when purchasing a bus and do a routine maintenance checkup every six months even if you feel the bus is in good operating condition. In the event that your bus encounters an accident, depending upon the severity, parts, and equipment will have to be repaired or replaced. It is extremely important to get the right parts when you buy a used bus or even a new bus. Make sure the bus is a popular model and that spare parts are available in the local or online market. It is unusual for bus owners to have difficulty finding parts for their vehicles because spare parts are not always easy to source, but Major Vehicle Exchange is available to help. Many operators acquire a used bus as a standby for their new bus fleet when their new buses require service or repair. To facilitate finding parts we have included a list of bus manufacturers as well as bus equipment suppliers on this page. You can find spare parts from them to replace and install on the bus you purchased. Major Vehicle Exchange goes out of their way to buy only those buses that belong to popular bus parts and whose spare parts normally are easy to source. After buying these popular model buses we put them through our rigorous reconditioning process. In this process, 100’s of parts get checked, inspected, serviced, repaired, fixed or replaced. Every used bus has an excellent appearance, is inspected by qualified technicians and ready to hit the American and Canadian roads.

When you buy shuttle buses, church buses, tour or coach buses, wheelchair buses and/or passenger buses for sale from Major Vehicle Exchange you can have peace of mind and be rest assured that spare parts will be available in for any service or emergency repair if they are not available locally. Many times spare parts are available only from the bus manufacturers and not with the local dealers and vice versa. To meet your needs, we have included a list of commercial bus manufacturers, chassis manufacturers and bus equipment suppliers below.

If you are a Canadian resident and wish to get your bus imported into Canada then please read the Canadian import rules at the bottom of this page.



These financial institutions are interested in leasing and financing our inventory of used shuttle buses and vans. Please consult us before giving your credit information to any financial source.

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Access Capitalwww.accesscapital.biz
Advantage Fundingwww.advantagefund.com
Brickhouse Capital Financing & Leasingwww.brickhousecapital.com
Burhill Leasing Corpwww.burhillfinancial.com
Capital Resource Groupwww.teamcrginc.com
Direct Capitalwww.cit.com
First Pacific Fundingwww.firstpacificfunding.com
Innovative Lease Serviceswww.ilslease.com
Integrated Leasingwww.integratedleasing.com
Key Bankwww.key.com
Priority Onewww.p1fs.com
TCF Equipment Financewww.tcfef.com
Titus Leasingwww.titusleasing.com
United Leasing, Inc.www.unitedevv.com
Wells Fargowww.wellsfargo.com

Commercial Bus Manufacturers:

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Blue Birdwww.blue-bird.com
Champion Buswww.championbus.com
Diamond Buseswww.diamondcoach.com
Elkhart Coachwww.elkhartcoach.com
El Dorado Nationalwww.enconline.com
Federal Coachwww.federalcoach.com
Glaval Buswww.glavalbus.com
Goshen Coachwww.goshencoach.com
StarTrans Buswww.startransbus.com
Turtle Topwww.turtletop.com
Starcraft Buswww.starcraftbus.com

Chassis Manufacturers:

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Suppliers – Bus Equipment:

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Braun Wheelchair Lifts and Rampswww.braunlift.com
CE Whitewww.cewhite.com
CRS Electronicswww.crselectronics.com
For Parts and Upholsterywww.allpointsbus.com
For Bus Partswww.buspartswarehouse.com
For Bus Partswww.coachbusparts.com
Freedman Seatingwww.freedmanseating.com
Grote Vehicle Lightingwww.grote.com
MOR/ryde Internationalwww.morryde.com
Q’Straint Safety Solutionswww.qstraint.com
Ricon Wheelchair Lifts, Ramps and Windowswww.riconcorp.com
Truck-Lite Lighting, Mirrors and Harnesseswww.truck-lite.com

Insurance Agencies for Bus Coverage:

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Church Mutual Insurance Companywww.churchmutual.com
Lancer Insurance Companywww.lancerinsurance.com
Progressive Insurancewww.progressive.com
Service Insurance Agency LLCwww.serviceins.com
TIB Transportation Insurance Brokerswww.tibinsurance.com

Importing Buses To Canada

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Click to Read The Canadian Import Ruleshttp://www.riv.ca/VehicleAdmissibility.aspx