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Sell your bus faster than ever before. Major Vehicle Exchange is a used shuttle bus dealership that has been selling its fully reconditioned buses to retail customers, organizations and agencies across the United States for more than 35 years. We buy the best available used mini and mid sized shuttle buses from all over the USA, if you have a used bus to sell then we would be glad to purchase it. The demand for used shuttle buses has been steadily increasing year after year across the country and now is the best time to sell your bus. We are particularly interested in vehicles that are less than 10 years of age with less than 100,000 miles on their odometers. Whether you are looking to trade your bus or wheelchair van for a new preowned bus or looking for disposal, you have come to the right place. Our friendly, professional and experienced staff is standing by to purchase your bus today. Give us a call any time from Monday through Friday during normal business hours at 516-333-7483 and ask for the CEO, Charles Kaufman.

Since we have been in the bus industry for decades, we are in the market to buy all make, model and year buses from Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Blue Bird along with International and Freightliner. Good condition buses are difficult to find and your bus is worth much more than you may think.

Organizations and institutions are looking to buy reliable used buses that are in excellent working condition and ready to transport their groups immediately on a daily basis. The problem is there are fewer used buses available and even less that are ready for immediate service. Being the owner of your bus, you know well the damage, wear and tear it has been subjected to and the obstacles these issues may throw up during the sales process. On the other hand, most buyers are not experienced with repairing used buses and do not want to wait or undergo the many obstacles of fixing them properly. This is where experienced dealerships like Major Vehicle Exchange come into the picture. We subject every vehicle to a 125-point-plus inspection process by DOT experienced technicians. Every vehicle is certified ready to hit the road, serviced and repaired before being sold to the next buyer. We pay a fair price for every vehicle, thoroughly detail and recondition them, upload to our website and present it to all prospective buyers. Your vehicle can take 6 months, a year or even 2 years to be sold. All this time we take care of its parking, maintenance and any holding costs. They are kept in top condition all the time by our attentive staff. These are some of the impediments of selling a used bus that we take away from the owners. We pay sellers fair market values and take away their headache of bus disposal and are ready to move forward and purchase the vehicle immediately and remove it from your space.

When selling for themselves, owners come across a lot of costs like paying for insurance and parking fees which keeps adding up every month increasing the holding cost of the vehicle, maintenance, listing for sale on the online marketplaces, paying their fees which again increases the overall price indefinitely, if purchaser leads come they must stop what they are doing and spend a considerable amount of time presenting their vehicle to the customers, convincing them, handling objections, transportation issues, providing maintenance records and and much more. Whereas, they can avoid almost all these issues by picking up the phone and calling us and we will be glad to pay for it and transport it away within a few days. This is how simple and convenient we have made the entire selling process. The purchase price is always available from our operating funds account. We do not purchase vehicles with borrowed money.

Since we constantly buy, recondition and sell shuttle buses across the USA. We maintain a regular inventory stock of more than 40 used minibuses, shuttles and wheelchair vans for sale and have become the destination stop for all sizes and types of shuttle buses because we have the most options to choose from.

Whether you want to sell your handicap bus, casino, church, parking lot, tour, passenger, transit, commercial bus we should be your first call. No fleet is too large or too small for us. Contact our team today and we will make an offer as a good set of photos and description is available, thus giving you an accurate idea of what your bus is worth in today’s dollars. Give us a call and we will buy it painlessly from you. Many of our buses are sold to other dealerships and brokers, as a result there is virtually no limit to the number of units we can buy at a time. Our network of associated dealers are equally interested in buying as we are.

Major Vehicle Exchange is a licensed and bonded dealership established in 1985 in Westbury, New York. Our aim is to provide the best experience to buyers throughout the buying and owning process and make it as simple as possible. Because of the reliable and dependable nature of our reconditioned buses, many consumers have become repeat buyers thus creating a steady flow of sales for our business, and have become the backbone of our enterprise over the decades. As a result we have a fixed criteria that we look for in every bus before buying so we can give our customers the best used bus available in the market.

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